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Assistance for academic work - From Brazil
Hello, how are you? My name is Ana Paula and I'm from Brazil. I'm studying at Cásper Líbero College, in São Paulo: And I'm working in a project about American, Japanese and Brazilian Patchwork and Quilt. I would like to know if you can me help about this project. For my project, I need data about the USA and Japan patchwork market, for example, the amount of money the market moves per year, the events held in the country, visitors, tourism generates such events and, on the publishing of specialized magazines about these areas: the major patchwork & quilt magazines from United States and Japan. Anyone know any site, article or book that has some information? Thank you for the support.
New -Bee
Just found QN & this group. Hope to be learning more about this addictive hobby!
Invisible hanging Sleeve
Probably a decade ago I remember seeing instructions in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine on how to make an invisible hanging sleeve between the front and back of a two sided quilt. I'm particularly interested in the technique used to quilt both sides of the sleeve area (perhaps it was hand quilted and not machine quilted). Also, how best to split the binding on the front and back sides. Does anyone know how to find this article in the back issues?
quilting tour to Japan
Has anyone traveled with the JANESCO tour company on their quilter's tour to Japan? My mother and I are considering taking their trip this November. But since their business is in Australia it has been difficult to inquire re: their reputation. Thanks for your help!
if someone can send me a copy of an old pattern (issue 399)
I wanted to work on a nice apttern designed by Carol Buchan:" in a pickle" I miss the first issue and I was surprised to have to pay almost 18 dollars for the shipping costs to send it to France .. I just wanted to have the instructions of the part one. I have loosen the issue . So I hope that someone will be abble to help me Thank you so, so much
Hung up on Embroidery designs
Loking for Embro desgn to quilt my fewquilts and got hung up on embro designs. Stitch home treatment for 10 yrs retired need to do quilts.
New to group and renewed to quilting
Hi Im brand new to this group and look forward to sharing lots of fun. Have been a quilting instructor for about 15 years but always love to learn new tips and tricks.
Hello from the Netherlands
I just joined this group. I've been a subscriber to QN with intervals. I like espacially the columns. I 've been quilting for about 12 years now. I like to hear from other quilters over the world.
hello all fellow quilters
I have just joined this group, but have been a faithful subsciber to QN for more than 15 years, and a quilter for about 25 years. I am really looking forward to every new inspiring issue of QN, which travels a long road to reach me here in Denmark
Article in quilter's newsletter
I remember an article fairly recently about a quilter who had learned to quilt again after a stroke. Does anyone know where/when this was? A friend is starting to sew again after a major stroke and would be interested in this person's experiences. Thanks. Priscilla
My VA license plate is SAQULTS. Many assume it means Say Quilts, but it is my initials. I love how it sometimes connects me to other quilt lovers. Once a woman left a note on my car, asking if I could finish a quilt for her!
Just coming in !
Hi all ! I have just joined this forum . I am an avid reader of Quilters Newsletters since 1.5 years and always celebrate when I received it as it has to travel a long way to reach me in Kenya ! I am also a pretty new quilter as I started 2 years ago. I look forward learning more and exchanging with you on this forum.
Quilty Plate
I really love paper piecing, the more complicated the better. My NH plate reads PAPRPCR. At a recent show, many assumed my car was NH teacher Carol Doak's. Also, for years my dyslexic friend thought it meant "Paper crap" and she was too embarrassed to ask me why I would have that on my car!
Quilt-y License Plate
I once saw one that said IQUILT but it was ages ago so I can't post a picture. Be on the lookout for them when you go to a quilt show.
QN: Quilt-related License Plates
We saw a great quilt-related license plate on our way to lunch today, and it got the QN staff wondering if anyone here has or has seen other quilty license plates. You can view the license plate and add your own in this group's galleries.
Love Quilter's Home!
I just wish that the templates, etc. that are offered for downloading were available at the time I get the magazine! I hate to wait! Where are the templates for Boxers or Briefs? I am making quilts for each of my grandchildren's HS grad. I also will be attending a cottom dying session today. Let you know how it goes! I do love designing and "adjusting" patterns to suit fabrics I love.
Bamboo products
I have been thinking about trying the new battings made from bamboo in an effort to be more environmentally friendly. However, I just read that the process used to make bamboo into fabric uses toxic chemicals which are worse for the environment. The suggestion was that organic cotten is better. Has anyone else heard this?
New to the group
I have been reading Quilters Home for about 1 1/2 years and I love it. I'm trying to get more quilts done this year by working on more than one at a tme. My guild does monthly blocks and I'm collecting them to make my own quilts. The idea about organic cottons is great, has anyone tried the organic batting?
organic Cottons
should we be asking for more eco-friendly materials like 0 Cs; are there locations to buy such yet; any competitions using OCS; are there any OC manufacturers, what should we be paying per yard for them? All thoughts welcome!j
QN 2010 Calendar now available for pre-order
We are pleased to announce that you can now pre-order the Quilters Newsletter 2010 calendar! Visit and follow the link under "Features From Quilters Village".
quilt jewelry
I am a quilt enthusiast. I have combined my love of quilts with my love of jewelry making and have created unique quilt jewelry. check it out at
Just Joined Group
Hi! My quilting expertise is rather limited. I enjoy making quilt blocks for Birthday Groups at various forums. I am definitely addicted to buying fabric since each birthday block is unique. I'll try to post some photos of some of the birthday blocks I've constructed. I love the magazine "Quilters' Newsletter" because it contains so many photos of non-traditional quilts. Keep inspiring me!
my first posting!
Hello, everyone! I have subscribed to the Quilters Newsletter for a year now and I love it! I consider myself new to quilting (I've been at it for 1 1/2 yrs) and I must say I've never had such a satisfying hobby! Hope to hear from everyone and exchange some ideas and quilt tips! I'm new to chatting and blogging as well, but I'm sure it will be great!
Hello from Quilters Newsletter
Hello ladies–it's so nice to see some posts. I am the assistant editor for Quilters Newsletter. We are working feverishly to get the June/July issue out the door to the printer, but I hope to check in on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to seeing what quilters are up to, and talking about your quilting. Good things, problem areas, anything that comes up. I'm new to chat groups and blogging, but am looking forward to lots of fun! I must get my avatar posted–I wonder what it should be?
Hello everyone
Just wanted to say a quick Hello, I hope that your hands are busy with sewing and quilting and your hearts are warm with love. I'll work on my avatar.
greetings fellow quilters
Hello to you all - I am an avid quilter in Snohomish, Washington. My avatar is me holding up a quilt that I made in 2008 at a retreat of my guild. Retreats are so much fun! That quilt is called Svenska Jul and I took it to Sweden when I was lucky enough to visit my cousins in June 2008. Hope to have some great conversations.


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