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Created by: richbrote, Apr 09
Since retiring last year, I decided it was not good for this MAN to be without something to do constructively. Quilting was the answer for me due to the fact I've been quilting for the last 5 years. Enjoy the designs, comment as you like.

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hooray for men who quilt!
One of my sons has dabbled in quilting for years. He likes the design and construction processes, but doesn't so much like to quilt the tops. Hope we see more of your quilts!
retirement Hours
that's so cool. gotta keep those hands busy in retirement.
The More The Merrier
I am so glad that more men are getting into this art form. men bring a different view/interpretation of blocks and pattterns. I don't favor one style of quilting over another. I like them all! I dabble in all, but have yet to master any. As long as you enjoy what you do and can share it with others, that is all that matters! Live to Quilt and Quilt to Live!
How about Real Women?
I think its great thast you quilt,I've tried my hardest to get my brother interested in quilting but he watches when I visit or her visits and loves them but so far no luck. What style quilts do you enjoy most? I am a real traditional quilter but with my machine. I still work and hope the day will come when I can quilt in the daylight hours,LOL. TcMay in Michigan


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