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Join other quilters who are making quilts from Quiltmaker patterns. See fabric choices and watch as blocks progress.

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My Civil War quilt
I took in my quilt to my LQS to have it long arm quilted by a professional and the owner was gone and her mother took the quilt and said her daughter would call for instructions on how I wanted it quilted. Well, when the owner called, she tried to politely give me advice on how she thought I should have my quilt quilted. I loved her advice. But, she was having a hard time describing my fabric. She doesn't sell Civil War fabric (and must not see it) and see described it as muddy. She said she didn't mean anything by it, but that it looked muddy. Made me laugh. After I told her it was CW fabric, she got it. I thought her being a LQS owner she would know about CW fabric. I love CW fabric. It's my favorite!
top is finished!
Please check the gallery for a photo of my finished Twist and Twirl top. I will have to set it aside for a while before quilting.
I know summer's not over, but most of our planned activities it's sewing time! I am putting the blocks together today, so hope to get the top finished in the next few days. The colors are wonderful!
back to sewing
after taking a break to let my pulled hamstring heal, I got back to sewing. My blocks are taking shape, and I'll get some photos up tomorrow. Look great, but I'm sure I'll need some ideas on placements.
Making of the Thirty Something Quilt in July/Aug Issue
Though I'm a seasoned sewer, this will be my first quilt. Pictures of fabric coming soon!
Mel's Quilt
Check out the photos Mel posted in the public gallery to see how fantastic her twisted limes are looking!
The Top is DONE!
Check my progress gallery for a photo of the finished top. Twist and Twirl looks great in Civil Was repro fabrics from Andover.
Finishing up the top...
Check the photo in my gallery and let me know what I should do. I'm still working on final placement of the blocks.
Blocks are finished!
Check the latest photo in my gallery to see all my main blocks. After completing a few, I streamlined the process by chain piecing the same step in each block, then pressing, then on to the next step. This speeded up the process quite a bit.
Sewing Away
I'm almost halfway done with the blocks. Check out my gallery to see my progress. Can't wait to see how everyone else's look in different colors and fabric styles.
After a break, during which I was sewing on other projects, I am back to the TnT. I have the prep work done to start making the units, and hope to do a little each day. This is a fun quilt so far. Love the muted batiks I'm using, and think it'll be fun to see the finished quilts in the various fabrics!
On a Mission
The project is loaded in my mountain vacation "must have" bags, along with all the necessary sewing equipment and tools. We are headed for Grand Lake, Colorado. I'll keep everyone up to date on my progress. My mission: Twist and Twirl to the finishline featuring an awesome collection of Andover fabrics!
Photo Partial Success
Well, I was able to at least get my photos into our general group area. I still can't get anything to actually post where it is supposed to be. I'' keep trying from time to time. If anyone has any tips on posting pix in the correct gallery please pass them on.
I have tried repeatedly to add photos to our gallery of my fabrics and progress and it won't post. However, check the main gallery and you can find my personal gallery for the Twist N Twirl project. I'll just keep posting photos there until our gallery is back up to full function.
More Andover
I ordered two more pieces of Andover fabric online and they arrived just prior to my last trip. They are from Renee Nanneman's Live Need 'L Love and go perfectly with my collection. I will be cutting soon and posting photos.
I am loving the Jo Morton fabrics from Andover. I played with them last night and delighted in the possibilities. I want to maximize the background contrasts, so might make some changes toward that end.
OOPS, I didn't check my spelling, and wrote 'two close in value'--stupid mistake.
getting started
I've started cutting! I'm not sure about the two light backgrounds, so may have to shop for one Hoffman batik to use as the lighter of the background fabrics. IMHO the two I have are two close in value.
Okay, I'll start!
I've posted a couple of pictures in the gallery. The fabrics I'm using are Kaufman batiks (although I think one of the ones that Carolyn gave me might be from Blank Textiles). I had lots of the Kaufman purple and teal batiks in my stash from the Batik Remix contest last fall. The minute I looked at this quilt in the magazine I knew what I wanted to do with it; for some reason it just looks like a garden trellis to me! I decided to expand on that idea by adding pieced sashing. The second picture I posted is the EQ design that I came up with. The quilt will still be about the same size because I'm reducing the blocks from 12" to 9" square (the sashing is 3" wide). Those of you that know me know that the EQ design is only a jumping-off point. The quilt will continue to morph as I work on it and I'll allow those ideas to develop.... I've started cutting fabric, more to come! Lori


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