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The fun of quilting is doing what you want the way you want it done. Free form applique, quirky piecing, string quilts-all have a sense of playfulness.

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interested in quilting
Helloooo I interested in quilting but I never do it before because I don't know how to begin? Could you suggest me?
new here
Hi! I am Star and new to this group. Is this group active still? Not seeing a lot of post for 2014 or 2013. I love quilting finding the time is more my problem. I do a lot of design my own quilts or redo an old pattern with flair. Ty Star
Jessie, I have been beading the edges of yo-yos for years and calling them Yo-Yo Delights. Have you posted a pic of your quilt?
I am back to the group again, after a couple of years. This group seems perfect for me. I always change the patterns, because I cannot follow them right.
New member
Hi, I'm new here and don't know how to get around and find different discussions. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.
Looking for a new project
I am always looking for a new project or a new challenge. Just did my first yo yo quilt (270 yo yo's by hand...). Does anyone have any ideas? Any projects they have done that were fun? Thanks!
binky patrol
I would like further info on how to begin volunteering. My fabric stash can stand some depleting and used to make preemie quilts. Also can crochet-just need to get started. Thanks Cyd
New Binky Patrol Chapter Needs Volunteers
I never sewed more than a button on for over half a century. Then my bedroom quilt -which I had saved and skimped to have was stolen - and I set out on a quest to replace it. Somewhere along the line I got the idea to make it! The rest is history. I am hooked on quilting! Now to the important part - I need quilters. As the Narberth, PA Binky Patrol's Area Coordinator, I am asking for volunteers to knit, crochet, sew, or quilt blankets for children in need. They must be at least 3 ft square and can be lap, crib, twin, or double bed size. Any pattern is fine but no fringes, loose threads, buttons, sequins, or anything that would be a potential choking hazard. The material must be new and clean. For more information, email me at If you ask, I will gladly provide a receipt for your donation for tax purposes. A gift from the heart is priceless, so please give your time, a blanket, or supplies. Spread the word too please. We are a new chapter and need volunteers. You can live anywhere and mail your binky to me when you are finished. If you live in the greater Philadelphia, PA area, I need volunteers for other things also. In your email, please state what you are interested in doing or learning more about. Include a phone number if you would like me to call. Thank you all. wisper
Having Fun Coloring
I just joined this group so I will introduce myself--I am living in SE WA State, mid-forties, sewed during my childhood, teen and early twenties but then stopped until recently. I love to plan out a new quilt on CAD and then use colored pencils to play. I don't make perfect quilts but I have fun!
just getting started
Hello! I am new to quilting and have quickly discovered that no matter how hard i try, my quilt tops are always quirking and fun. I tried making a simple plain patterned quilt and gave it up from bordom! I am excited to learn I am not the only quilter who breaks the rules!!
hi furple, there are many ways to piece the same quilt. Some will tell you differently - don't believe them. Enjoy yourself. I sew in many formats also, but the quilting but has caught me big time. I like to mix my mediums, play with color, and change the origanal pattern to suit my likes. It can be lots of fun.
I have creative skills in many areas but sometimes I want to do something in my quilting that I really have not developed the skills to do. That leaves me finding a creative way to get around my knowledge of precise quilting. I love sewing of all types but quilts are becoming my favorite. so far so good.
Angels more and more!
I am working on angels more and more. I have 6 blocks done and am aiming to finish next spring. I set this one down for a while and have now started again. This has been a big job. Anyone do these patterns?
Starting again
I have recently moved to a new town. I am starting to find my way to guilds and shops. but miss my old friends. I miss the show and tell we often did. I know it takes time but I was in my last home 8 yrs. I hope I can do some of the same here.
Friends with quilting to talk about.
I think that I miss the fun in quilting without being able to talk about the projects I'm trying to do or vice versa. I've tried talking my friends here and my family in Texas, but I've had no takers. I may get my sister if I just talk a little sweeter and my daughter if I make her feel challenged just a bit. My grand daughter will probably be the easiest if I can show her how her art can combine with my quilting. Hurray!!! Well I'm always coming up with questions so I know you all will hear from me sooner rather than later. Beth Quiltin4pleasure.
Quilt for Love not Perfection spotmurphy!
I'm like you, I enjoy quilting for my friends and family not for blue ribbons. Those who receive my quilts are thrilled that they have something to hug and keep them warm. They don't care of a star point is slightly lopped off (or they are kind enough not to mention it). I'm excited to get to know everyone in this group. This is my first foray into e-groups.
A little push for PatsyG
Say Patsy it sounds like you just need a little push to get back into quilting....have you tried Patricia Pepe's new ruler. It's really easy and fun to can actually cut and sew a top in one day - that is if you don't want to use the scraps to do the borders. I've done it both ways and just fell in love with it. It makes awsome stars...Flugiepoo...
Outside the lines
coloring outside the lines has always been my best work. I am now trying to bring that to my work.
I'm trying to lighten up and have fun with my quilting
Thanks to Mark's articles I am making a real effort to quilt for fun not perfection. I don't make masterpieces or quilts that will be judged. I make quilts for the people I love to sleep under. I really don't think they'd notice the mistakes. And done is better than perfect. But it takes effort? Is anyone dealing with this? Pat
Polo Shirt Quilt
Has anyone heard of or done a quilt made from polo shirts? I have 1 to do and am wondering if there is any thing different from doing a tee-shirt quilt. I want to incorporate the collars in it. Any ideas?
need some help to get started quilting again


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