DKG Scholarship Quilt
I've just uploaded a picture of a quilt I finished last fall. This was a group quilt, of sorts. I designed it, marked and cut the blocks, sewed the finished blocks together, and hand quilted the quilt. Fellow members of our local chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma (a women teachers' service organization) individually constructed the blocks. I'm really happy with the results. It's striking up close. Most of the quilting is in the ditch, but I designed feathers to fit the border. I designed, marked, and cut the blocks in one month and quilted it in about three, but it took almost 2 years to get all the blocks returned and assembled! I don't think I'll do this again! We're giving it away at our state convention this weekend. The proceeds from the tickets go to fund a college scholarship for a local senior.
Orchidnaturals' Cyclone Star quilt
Gorgeous quilt! I absolutely love scrap quilts. How's the quilting coming?
Greetings from Powder Springs, Ga
Recently inherited several homemade quilts when my hubby's Dad passed. One of them is over 100 yrs. old. Most of them are hand sewn and I have several my mother in law never finished that I would like to complete. I this group would be a good resource of information.
Has our group run out of steam?
I just retired at the end of May and it's been a really frenetic time, getting everything done and leaving after 42 years. Haven't been on this website in a while, but nothing has changed! I know that you all are still quilting! I'd love to see some pictures and read some updates! I have a string star in the works for my nephew and a Quilt of Valor in red/white/blue for my husband (stars surrounding an eagle center). Now that I'm retired, maybe I'll make some progress! I'll post pictures when something gets finished. I'd love to see yours!
Reply to dcrocco's post of 3/17/11
So sorry you hadn't gotten replies to your request. I hadn't been on in a while and just finished re-reading everything. You'll need to baste your quilt first--lay it out on the floor and baste it with safety pins or long stitches. Then you can start quilting in the middle and smooth out as you go. I use a 14" hoop (make sure to smooth out the back each time you move it), but you can do it without a hoop or you can buy a floor frame and anchor it that way. Batting come in all thicknesses. I've used them all. Just a regular batting will do. If you get really good at quilting you might want a thin batting to show off your stitches. Just remember we all started at the beginning! Buy a basic quiltmaking book and take it slow. The advice is usually very good. Let us know your progress! Joy
Missing gallery
Did somebody just delete a gallery? I posted 3 yesterday. Most of my quilts are made to give away, so all I have left are the pictures!
New Handquilter member
Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself. I just signed up on QuiltersVillage and I'm a handquilter from way back. Oh yes, I do quilt on my sewing machine too, but my real love and interest is by hand and also needleturn applique.
Finishing Grandma's Quilt
Hello, I am finishing my Grandma's 2 quilts. She completed the cross stitching of one quilt, but has not yet pieced it together or quilted it. And the one I am almost done with the cross stitch. I have never quilted like this before. I have pieced fabric together and added batting and backing, but I have only done yard tied quilts. I am nevrous since I am not experienced with this and the person I'd ask is my Grandma. No one else in the family knows how to quilt. I don't know if I need a large hoop for putting all the pieces together? How Do I keep them from slipping one way or the other? And what type of batting do I use? I have used fluffy batting for my yarn tied ones, but that was so simple. I think because of the detail in the quilting, I can't use something that thick. Thanks for any and all advice. :)
I'm really happy to find this group!!
I'm so happy to find this group of like-minded quilters!! I am really not into machine quilting because I believe in keeping the art true to past roots, and hand quilting is my therapy and part of my soul. I have been quilting for over 20 years, and am looking forward to being part of a group of quilters who appreciate the rewards of a finished piece that has been done by hand. I'm so glad that I found you all!!
Hello from South East GA
I'm so happy to find your group! I have been quilting since 1997--mostly applique quilts and with most of my friends now having their quilts machine quilted, I was beginning to feel sorta left out of the wave. Reading about your quilting has encouraged me to stick with what I love. Thanks so much for your thoughts and encouragement.
Do you use a light when hand quilting?
I am currently making a batch of floor stands that use my hoop frame and I was thinking about putting an adapter on it for a light. Do any of the members use a small light? If so please describe it. Thank you, Harry Barnett
Love of hand quilting
My name is Vickie Harmeling. I have been quilting for many years. I am a third generation hand quilter. I was reading some of the comments. What is this about using a spoon, I don't use a thimble so this might interest me. I agree that there is nothing like a hand quilted quilt.
I can't quilt but I can bend wood for you.
Hello Hand Quilters. My name is Harry Barnett and I design unique quilt frames and hoops for hand quilters. I love inventing new designs. I can't quilt so I need your help from time to time with questions on new designs or products that I sell on the Website, I encourage you to take a peek and let me know what you think. Thanks, Harry
Hand Quilter. Machine piecing
I have been hand quilting for 3 years. Did not begin until after I retired......I am a member of two quilting groups. Most of our quilts are for charity. N/Homes, Group homes, shut-ins......Only a few do the machine piecing, but all of the group hand quilts. Some beginners. some have been quilting for sometime. Any tips for hand quilting would be appreciated. By the way we use the floor frames. We have several size frames as wemake different size quilts. Any tips for hand quilters and machine piecing will be appreciated.
Hand Quilting is My Therapy
To relax for the daily routine, hand quilting is my therapy. I have watched my family members hand quilt for the past four generations. My generation is the fifth and some of us are always looking for new ideas and others to share our love for such an art. When modern technology growing so fast and machines doing so much of the work...the art of human hand controlling everything is sadly fading. But, guess what....although we won't see it in our live time but, possibly our grand-children will....when our hand made quilts show up at the antique road show or presented to a certified quilt appraiser our hand made art will bring higher prices than the machine quilts.....Do any of you agree????
Hi I am a new Floridan transplant from Illinois
I love to hand quilt. But I do machine piece. I made my first quilt in 1991 when getting ready to move to Nothern Wisconsin. Did not quilt again for about 5 years.And I didn't really get involved in quilting until about 10 years ago. I also love to crochet. I hope to make some new friends and trade ideas
And hello from Iowa
I've been quilting since 1999 when I made my son a t-shirt quilt for his high school graduation. I machine stitch the tops, but hand quilt the layers on a large frame that was given to me by my mother-in-law. I live in a big, beautiful, country farm house and it's so peaceful and relaxing to quilt there. I've considered offering retreats, but haven't looked real seriously into it yet. Let me know if you'd like to bring a group of quilting buddies to Iowa for the weekend! I'd love to have you!
Hello from Ohio
I have been hand quilting for the last 15 years, and I don't use a frame of any size. I love the freedom that hand quilting and hand piecing gives me. I do custom work sometimes and my taking my quilting projects with me to various places, has opened up conversations with all type of folks, surprisingly enough even with several older men!! They remember seeing their mothers quilting at night, pretty soon you see them smiling, most likely at those long ago memories that they have. I am a 50 yy granny, 4 children, 9 grands, and one great. I have taken this last year off while caring for my newest gd, now that she is going into daycare, I can get back active in swapping and quilting more. Hope to get to know all of you. Have a great day from cold and snowy Ohio.
Hi all, Im new here and just wanted to introduce myself! I have 2 frames, a hoop and a floor frame. The floor frame is used for quilts that we make to raffle off for my sons 4-H group. So I use both!
Indiana hoosier here
Hi, I am learning to hand quilt and was wondering if you have any good links online to review and love to watch videos. I am 53 years old and just joined a quilting guild.
I'm new here but I must say, the BeaHappy and GentlemenJim quilts are absolutely gorgeous. Nice job!
to kmvance57
Hi kmvance57 - how wonderful that you are using something passed down in your family. Wonder what memories are embedded in the hoop?
Answer on quilting frames
I am currently using a hoop that was my Grandmothers. I'm also a hand piecer although I do cheat and put the sashing on by machine. I found I like the hand work the best.
question on quilting frames
What do you fellow quilters use - circle frame, no frame, large floor frame, other? And why have you chosen the particular frame? oh yes, I read more carefullly the posts here and found that there are others who hand sew the pieces. Great!
very new, hand quilter
Do to stress at work I have gone back to the things that have helped in the past - crocheting, embroidery and now I am trying quilting for the first time. When I say hand quilting - I am even sewing the pieces together by hand - do any of you do this? This first project for me is a log cabin pattern. Haven't actually come to the quilting part yet and so hope to learn from you long-timers. To aquilter16 - I have seen reference to using the spoon instead of thimbles and it seems a do-able thing.
Hello Fellow Hand Quilters
I have been quilting over 20 years, my passion is handwork, so I quilt for a "living" and am never without a top to quilt whether new or vintage, rarely having time to hand quilt any of my own pieces. I have an unusual quilting style making the use of a spoon, sure saves the under hand. Glad to have come across this group.
Hand Quilting out of necessity
I have been quilting for 27 years. Machine sewing the tops and hand quilting the Quilt. Recently, i had to quit work because of a severe disability. I was told to do everything by hand now. Do you have any ideas on how I can get started and what might be a good pattern? I need some ideas. Thanks
Finally Found Other Hand Quilters...
I too have been considered a rare bird at the local quilters meetings...seems like that is considered 'old time' quilting and puts me in a corner! I find that hand made quilts bring the most sense of accomplishment and I am so relaxed while doing it. I have been making original quilts since 1988 when it was considered 'therapy' after I had thumb surgery. Loved it ever since! Thanks for having a group I can relate more with.
Hand Piecing
I like the process of hand sewing my pieces as well as hand quilting. I'm not real fast but it helps keep my hands busy.
I tried a sarah's favorite block. The middle squares went well, but when I did the outside points, they didn't align w/ the middle pieces. Any advice? I couldn't tell if I measured wrong or sewed the seams wrong.
Hand Quilting
I agree hand quilting is good for relaxing. Would you share Jinny Beyer's method for hand quilting?
Hand Quilter
I hand quilt everything also. I have multiple tops to quilt. My daughter is always telling me...I will never get them finished,because I am always starting a new quilt.
Hand Quilting
Hand Quilting is the best for relaxation, I watched Jinny Beyer's method and it makes hand quilting really easy and relaxing.
I live in Colorado. I am new to quilting and I hand quilt mostly. I am able to qilt at work and I feel like my love pours into my stitches. I love to learn and I enjoy challenges!
Hello I'd like to join other hand quilters
I find I am a rare breed in my quilting circle. Most of my friends make tops as fast as I do but then send them out to be quilted so then I'm left will multiple tops to layer and quilt. I have about 4 UFO's to quilt right now and I've just started a new project!!
RE pleats on the back
I don't mind it being puffier. I sure will try it. Thanks alot..
RE pleats on the back
There are never pleats on the back when hand quilting without a hoop because you smooth it out as you go. The whole quilt will be puffier than if it is done in a hoop, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.
hand quilting without a hoop
How do you keep from making pleats on the back of the quilt? It sounds like a good idea. I also have arthritis in my hands. It takes me forever to hand quilt a quilt.
RE hand quilting without a hoop
Without a hoop you sort of automatically quilt with your left hand. The right hand holds the needle and the left hand manipulates the fabric, pushing it onto the needle. Use a long needle. Without the tension of a hoop you won't need so much pressure. Works for me! Joy
Hand quilting without a hoop
I now have arthritis in my hands and fingers. So I'm trying to find ways to hand quilt were I push the fabric on the needle. I no longer rock the needle or prick my finger. Any suggestions would beappreciated. Pat


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