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Hello nice to meet everyone
I just love Black & White.
Hi, I joined up a couple of years ago, and have found my way back.
Hi from Alaska
New to online quilt groups. Am excited to see what's going on and hoping to get involved. I've been quilting a few years. I find it relaxing except when things go awry, it is frustrating. I'm trying to get a crazy quilt done right now...and in a brain-block and am taking a short break. Back to it tomorrow.
orphan blocks
i belong to a newly formed quilt guild and we have taken on the project of making quilts for chemo patients at a local cancer center I am in the search for orphan blocks that we could turn into beautiful quilts for these chemo patients they see about 1000 patients a year and we took 40 quilts the first round in dec and they are all gone and we are trying to get quilts to them about every other month but we need other peoples help with this the response that we have gotten from the nurses doctors and patients are just overwhelming any help would be appreciated. If you send me your email i will put you in a group to see the pictures as the quilts are finished and see what a difference this has made in someones life; Thanks
Love to Quilt
I have read some of the posts and can identify with spending more than I have on fabric also I was feeling quilting because I have a lot of quilts started and have been working on one particular one trying to get it finished and maybe taking a day here and there to work on another is a way to get inspiration for the original one. I sometimes lay awake at night and try to work out what I need to make the next section work the way I want it to, sometimes that works and other times I don't end up with a lot of sleep. Hopefully at some point we will all inspire one another.
When I started to quilt....
I had sewn since 4th grade classes on treadle sewing machines. I'd sewn lots of my own clothes as a kid, all my materity things, and many Halloween costumes. Then went from ebroidery& crewel work to needle point. I painted my own needle point canvases. Most of the needle work done when I was ill-OFTEN. Wnen the osteoarthitis reached my hands I turned to Quilting. Ever supportive Dave outfitted a great sewing room. Easy does it! I practiced on every rag in the house..quilted rags are great for washing cars! Then I advanced to baby doll blankets and tiny runners for "tea parties". Next were quilted pot holders and bedroom funiture runners. Family members who could not see well got my first lap quilts..LOL. Then quilting took off with our first bed quilt. I practiced 9 kinds of machine quilting on a grand baby quilt before my son was married...7 years later Ava got her "big gilt quilt" which she is so very careful with. On to vermont quilt fest classes for five years with internationally renowned teachers! Then my art quilts becgan. It has been a wonderful journey...quilts for Home of the Brave families, complex double sided retirement quits, Honor quilts with weeping hearts to the 37 families of the NY Port Authority done by the students of my middle school, and a a huge African Mask in multimedia that took two years, honored my Muslim friend, and took a local blue ribbon. Now with fibromyalgia, quilting has slowed but never stopped. It is not just my joy is my sanity.
Born on the Fourth of July
Our anniversary is the 4th of July, & our granddaughter was due the 1st. I told my son the doctor was wrong. Clara was born at 11:45pm on the 4th ! This past month I have been designing her Xmas stocking, as I did for all the G-kids. Clar's will match the size and shape of her sister's. This time I asked her Mom to choose the fabrics; she was surprized & it brought us together. Now I am designing a letter C in Celtic knots of gold metallic trims. Designing is my passion. The stocking will be crazy pach woek with fancy machine stitches over the seams and the stitches will be beaded. The designs of the fabrics will beenhanced by embroidery and beading, and somewhere on the stocking will be buttons from my grandmother. The top of the stocking is done in white brocade treated for stain resistance. And the lable inside comes from a lable patterm book; I ink the design and add to it my name and family history, including her membership on where some of the family goes back from four to eight generations. Clara is four 1/2 mos. , make a zillion faces, and is pulling to a stand. Perhaps she'll walk at 7 1/2 like her Dad. She's the most precious anniversary gift ever received and making her Christmas stocking is a joy !
Memories in quilts
Some of the most important quilts to me have been made to remember people or events. The first I made was for a friend who lost her Mom a month before Moms Day. My family took over all the chores. I received her Mom's house coats from her husband. One was beautiful purple flowers which I set in a trellis pattern. The trellis was lighter at the top right and dark bottom left. The housecoat had few flowers at the top /most at bottom, so I placed them in the trellis that way. She received it Sat. before Mom's day, took it to church, and it still covers the chair beside her snuggle with during weepy moments. The gift came from my 6 & 10 yr olds and husband as much as from me. We cherish the photo of that quilt; it bought us closer.
Hi from new girl in TX
Just found this group & would like to chat. I started making rag quilts 5-6 years ago & am finally brave enough now to try "real" quilts. lol I've done a couple baby quilts (split rail & a QIAD pinwheel) and want to learn more. I am in a rural area, no LQS and not many sewing friends nearby. Most of my learning has been thru internet & books.
A Sunny Hi From South Dakota
Hi. Just found your group. Made nfirst quilt in 1985 2nd in. 2011. I am ready to get busy. BRIBG ON THE INSPIRATONS. Good to be with you hogs.
It should do your heart good, to know how precious that quilt is to him. That's wonderful except I don't know how many more times you'll be able to fix it. How about making him another one and tell him to put the jungle one away for safe keeping or frame it.
TO TNgirl
Perhaps the real beauty of a quilt is in the eye of the one who gets to cuddle up it. I count this quilt among my most important accomplishments, along with my daughters wedding gown. I will tell you what I did and what has happened since. When my gandson was 2, I found some fabric with jungle animals, thinking it would be an educating tool, I chose it. I did not piece it. I purchased 6 yards, cut it in half, and laid the pieces side by side. The pieces that were adjoining I cut around the animals so I wouldn't have any half images and overlapped left over right or the reverse. I then made the sandwich using a flannel sheet and outlined each animal as I quilted. I backed and edged with muslin. So I added a little message on the edge along with the alphabet and hugs and kisses. So you see not quilt show quality. But since then he has brought it to me for repairs many times. At times it has been so ragged that I purchased solid green fabric and freehand cut leaves and vines and stretched them all over this faded jungle and animal print. Details on leaves were quilted. As it has needed repair over the years it got more leaves. The recipient of this quilt is now 23 years old and the last time he requested a retread was just last year. He has also been clear, Gram, please don't cover the words. Love that boy......elaine also in TN
To Beth, in Indiana
I was asked to do a memory quilt from baby clothes. While very emotional and important to the child's family, it was difficult to stay tuned in to get it accomplished. So I did a few things to help myself which did work. I lined the little stretchy baby things with light weight non stretch and sewed the "square" around the edges and around the little ducky or whatever. This helped with the stretch of some squares, all were not. Then I challenged myself to do at least two squares a week (I did not have a deadline). Because of the embellishment on each article some were more fun than others. There came a time that I started to have fun and then I had no trouble working on it. It began to take shape more quickly and I was able to deliver in about 8 months. I was glad to have done it. Good luck with yours....E
Hello Everyone
I am a self taught quilter. I enjoy picture quilts rather than doing multiples of the same block, although I have. I have been quilting for 14 years. I machine quilt, free motion and like doing quilted clothing items. Looking for creative stimulation and kindred spirits.
I am a new member here, but have been a quilter for about 12 years. I'm looking for some new ideas and techniques. I machine quilt and am just now experimenting with free motion.
hello everyone
i am a new member here and also a new quilter. i need to find an easy quilt for me to make. if someone can help please do.
I am new here to this site, and the group. I am hoping to be inspired and to learn some tips and techniques! I have been quilting since marrying my beloved Husband! God has Blessed me with a great husband on family-in-law that are so supportive. My children and them are my biggest inspiration for my quilts. Also the Lord Himself sometimes leads me to quilting something really special. Can't wait to get aquainted with all the fun things on the site! Nice to meet everyone!
hello from utah
no not mormon now thats out of the way lol i love to hand quilt it is so relaxing and makes me feel like i am aprt of the quilt.. i have designed a few and trying to get a book published and some patterns too... thought i would pop in and see whats going on in your areas
hello from Puerto Rico
new to the site,, hoping to learn more!!!!
New Member
I have been hand quilting and machine piecing for two years....Member of two quilting groups. Both groups quilt for charity. I quilt and machine piece at home. Enjoy learning new quilt ideas, short cuts and quilting tools.
Hi from British Columbia, Canada!
Just getting back into quilting after 20 years away from it. I also have to stay out of fabric stores or would go broke! Love lots of colour and hope to buy EQ6 to design my own quilts. Took square in a square class for simple way to do it -
Software--which one?
I'm considering new design software but what? Currently using MS Publisher 2003. It has limited capabilities. I need to be able to create my own shapes, wide choice of colors and patterns, ability to change shapes and colors easily throughout design without redrawing, cropping in various shapes, and many more tasks. Photoshop? Corel? EQ? Any comments appreciated. Shirlees
Guild in Avon Ohio
I am looking for a guild in est Avon for my Granddaughter I will be in town the second week of June. Can a quilters able to help
Kitty Cat Charm Pattern
Does anyone know where I can fine this pattern? It is by Robert Callaham and it was in the Oct. 2000 issue.
Greetings fellow quilters!
Im glad to know all of you out there that shares what some call a dying art. Im talking about hand quilting. Im not bashing those out there that use machines and what not, but theres that special something that goes with creating a one of a kind, that you make from scratch, all hand done, what turns out to set some apart from the factory kind of same ol stuff. I love to quilt and with the long winters up here.. well its great to have something show for it. Hello to all and glad to be here!
Hello to All
I just joined the group and am excited about sharing ideas and getting ideas. I have been sewing since I have been a little girl. And started quilting 10 yrs ago and I love it. My feeling is what else is there in life but quilting. Right!
Hi to all
Just finished my 2nd Quilt and I just want to rip it There are alot of mistakes. but my son loves it.. I live in TN.
Hello to All
Just a quick intro: Costume designer who got tired of soprano not being truthful about their weight, so I decided mattresses were the way to go. Lots and lots of UFOs, now concentrating on quilts for my new greatniece (lots of pink). I tend to ignore patterns (I'm dyslexic) and just discovered English paper piecing (lots of hexagons in my very messy fabric-filled condo).
Hello from Iceland
It is nice to find a qgroup - I like to work with bright fabric and multi fabric, not from one fabric line as so many magazines show today
Hi from Ohio
I've been looking for a group and am happy to see quilters from all over.
irene berry paper pieced patterns
does anyone know which qm issue contains the irene berry paper pieced pattern for the corn-on-the-cob patern?
new here
was looking for a pattern that i remember from 2006....a real large 9 patch and can make 3 at one time from i believe anita.......anyways found this group and looks interesting. am an advide quilter, mostly for charity and those less blessed than i. anyways can someone point me in the right direction for usage of this pattern? thanks.
Hi all you Quilters!
I live in Washington, spend a lot of time alone and would love to talk about quilting with any of you. I am especially interested in learning new things each time I make a quilt. I discovered foundation piecing a few months ago. WOW!
I am excited to be a new member. I live in Colorado. I mostly hand quilt since that is what I can do at work. I am a beginner quilter. I am trying to make my kids a quilt for Christmas. Thanks!
RE: 4 projects
Hi, thought I'd drop a line and thanks for the advice I got. I've started a couple more projects so that if I feel stiffled with one, I go to the others or I go to my books. It is working much better. I love quilting but I wish that I could keep up with my mind. I love designing quilt patterns. Some are good, some not so. but I like it. I so love just going into the quilt shops and looking at all the material and the new patterns that have been done up and are hanging from the wall. Such pleasure. Found I've had to limit visits to quilt shops or book stores because I'm on fixed income and I'd spend every last cent in there. Not because I'm unresponsible, I use all Of my savings account. Maybe that is why it is down so low lately. I keep promising to put more in there but somehow that doesn't always happens before my next visit to the quilt shop. I'm really not that bad, but I could be so easily. Everyone have a blessed day and quilt your hearts delight. Beth
My thoughts here in Alabama
Hello everyone, I am the newest member and excited to find you all. Wanted to say to "Quiltin4pleasure" to please not stay 'stuck' on one project or you could easily get burned out. I hope you will just put it aside for a few days and go do something that really gets you motivated and fired up, and then try to come back to the quilt for a friend. You are so right, people who are not quilters do not understand what it takes to make a quilt, but you should take time for yourself and your own enjoyment of this great artform. It is comfort and therapy while you create something wonderful! Keep on reaching out to other quilters (they ARE out there). I would tell you, if you feel pushed to get this project out, just go and talk to the friend. But the main thing is to keep YOU motivated and interested in quilting. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
Indiana/Texas confused in quilt land!
Hi, I'm Beth(quiltin4pleasure) and I'm living in Indiana and haved lived in Texas 1/2 my life. My family are still in Txs, but Hank and I are here in north central Indiana. I quilted back in the early 80's, but nothing very earth saking and I really was in instant justification so I cross-stitched. Not not really instant but in my mind more so. Besides I had friends doing the same and that always makes a difference in activities, at least that is how I feel. I started really getting back into quilting after having a serious accident in 2007, and I really enjoy it. I don't have anyone really that I know who likes to quilt, so I get lonely. I've inquired at the 2 quilt shops about the guilds and I've been invited, but because of one or another reason haven't really been able to make that work. I've made several quilts since the accident. right nowI'm trying to do a baby quilt with appliques off the clothes as memories. Yikes. I've been so overwhelmed with it that I've started feeling more work than enjoyment. My question. This quilt was not taken on commission,but I'm feeling the need to get it done right away for her and it is really taking the enjoyment of quilting away from me. I want some input here, since it is not a commission piece and nothing was ever given as a finish date, would it be okay to put it back on the back and do something less intensive too. I feel like I have to get this done immediately and so I've put down my own projects just to get this done so they will think well of me. Quilts take time, but I'm not sure she gets it. I'm working with knits and machine sewing just doesn't get it,so I'm doing this quilt by hand. I want to finish it, but I guess I'm wanting to know what a good time table for something like this would be. The quilt is about 60" x 60". Since this is really a new pattern and hand quilted and it's me no one can really say, I know, but I'm really concerned about this. Any thoughts would very much be appreciated. Thanks Beth
Velvet Quilt
Looking for "tips and tricks" about using velvet to make a quilt. Can't wait to get the Aug issue to read the article there. Any experience anyone else would like to share greatly appreciated!
Hi to every one
I am experienced at Quilting but new to Groups. I hope to make some new Quilty friends. I live in Californias Central Vally. It is getting pretty hot here now so I will be inside working at my quilting more than I will be gardening for the next few months.
just scoping out the groups & Playing with my fabrics... let's see about this half and half block business....
newly joined
looking forward to ideas and pointers on quilting, as new to this.
Chris said to check this out. Looks like fun and summer is coming.......
Friendship Star
Hi, I'm Karen from Indiana. Nice to meet you, hope we can get more members to join your group. This way we will have more messages on your group.
have a Q
I have made a Friendship Star quilt where the stars are up and down across the row...(hop eyou get the idea) I am looking for some ways to quilt it now. Also, how do we find out who responds to this? Is a reply e-m'd to me or I come back here and see if anyone has responded. A general comment as to how it done on the front page would be a good thing as this is kind of new. Thanks for being here and I hope to find some of the old pattern motifs I was looking for.


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