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Purpose is for Hoosiers to share what is going on in their part of the state and what each quilter is doing on their own. My first question: Why so few quilts at the State Fair this year?

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Hi everyone lets get this thread active again
2013 post
Looks like it's been almost a year since anyone posted on here, so I'll do the 2013 entry. Live just north of Ft Wayne with the 2 cats that my grown daughters have failed to take as they moved on to college and other cities. I've quilted from a young age thanks to my mom's influence but sporadically as the children were growing. Was recently inspired by the MQG show in Austin so have made several pieces this year. We go to AQS show in Paducah every year (26 or 27 of them now). Hope to hear from any other Hoosier out there!
New to Indiana from Illinois
We moved here with my daughter 3 years ago as she works here as a paramedic and wanted to me closer to her job. I will be 63 this month and do quilt squares in machine embroidery. My favorites are the Sock Monkey designs I have been collecting and selling on etsy, ebay and my won website which I also sell machine embroidered quilt labels. I am mother of 6, grandma of 7. I also raise silkworms and a pet praying mantis.
Hello from Hendricks County!
Hello fellow Hoosiers! My name is Karen and I live in Plainfield. I just completed a quilt for my grandson and his bride. It's a Hunter's Star pattern in blue batiks. It was the most challenging quilt I ever made! I posted it here. Hope to hear from some of you!
I moved from Lafayette to Bloomington. I had a lot of quilt friends there and would like to meet some here. My family lives in New Castle, I grew up near there. Love to hear from anyone. My latest project a quilt for the new graduate in the family.
Northern Hoosier
Hi! I live in the northern part of the state - Michiana as it is called. I grew up in east central Indiana in Wayne County. Like the lady near Cincinnati, I like quilting and garment sewing - especially garment sewing that uses quilting. I designed a jacket a few years back. I tend to prefer traditional quilting. I'm an empty nester with daughters in Iowa and Tennessee. For the Grant County Hoosier, I came through Fairmount last week from visiting my mother in New Castle. Glad i found this site.
Indiana hoosier here
Hi, I also live in Indiana (Grant County) about 8 miles south of Marion. I am 53 years old married and we have a spoiled dog. I am looking for other quilters that lives in Indiana.
A west=central hoosier here
Looks like I found you guys early on. I recently moved from Terre Haute to Rosedale (hey, we have a 4-way stop). Am still in transition from the move and still working on the house. Haven't even got my sewing area setup yet so am in quilting withdrawal so I joined QNNtv and QOL. Am excited to see fellow hoosiers here. goofball, my family has roots in Scott county and one of my all-time favorite Indiana towns is Madison. Looking forward to getting know more quilting hoosiers.
I'm a hoosier
I think all the other hoosiers must be quilting. I live near Cincinnati. I love garment sewing and quilting. Most other people are either one or the other. A lot of quilters dropped garment sewing which is a shame. There are a lot of cute patterns now. Currently I would like to work on a paper pieced wall hanging if I can get the full size templates for palm beauty from quilters home. I hate when I get a magazine and the templates are not there.
Where are all of the Hoosier members?
Am I the only member here?


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