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I'd love to hear from other machine quilters--whether using your home machine, or a quilt machine w/frame. I'd love to share ideas, complain about problems, and have shoulders to cry on, when it's either going fantastic, or I want to set my room on fire--starting with one of my current tops being machine quilted. I've been machine quilting for about 4 and a half years. I love it, even more then hand quilting, because it affords me a great variety of stitches, and being able to complete one of the many tops I have completed thus far. Do you have UFO's? I have about 40 tops completed, and another 10 cut out, 6 in planning stages, 3 waiting for binding and labels, and about 8 in various stages as listed above. Whether you are a beginning machine quilter, or have been doing it for years, and years, please join this chat group, and share what you have learned, what you have given up on, and what you love about this medium. I can't wait to meet you all!!

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New to machine quilting
I have always been a hand quilter, but since getting back to quilting after 20 years, I want to do the modern thing and learn machine quilting. I am sure I can learn a lot from all of you!
I just found this site.
Hello all. I have been machine quilting for 6 years. My first experiences were with my Viking domestic model. Two years ago I made the leap to a long-arm. I have a Gammill Classic Plus. I love quilting and hope to have more time after I retire.
I'm new to machine quilting
I just finished my first comepletely quilted machine quilt. I am so excited with how well it came out I am adicted! I only have a small sewing amchine, so I am sticking to lap quilts for now, but some day I will get a big machine and go all out!!!
I'm a new longarm quilter
Just got my new Avanti HandiQuilter. I'm still in the doodle hearts and loops are getting bettter. I really do love the Handi Quilter with the studio easy to operate. I just have to get the time to practice!!
Looking for input on Long Arm brands
I'm currently looking at both the Gammill and the HQ - both 18" sizes. Any input on either brand preference & experience? Thx.
Hello, just joined
Hi, I love to sew and do machine embroidery. I started quilting about 3 years ago by joining a block swap with a on-line group I belong to. I have probably 10-15 tops ready to put together, I like doing the blocks but just don't seam to get around to putting them together. I have quilted a few quilts using my Viking D1 and all the lovely stitches.
Getting started
Hi there- i'm fairly new to machine quilting and in the past i've always been a bit scared of free-machining in case I 'ruined' my work but then I decided just to go for it and doodled my way over a queen-sized top. I can see how i've improoved just by studying that quilt&each 1 I do gets my advice would be just Have a go!
searching for a pattern
does any one know where i could find a pattern for a wreath wallhanging? it was in all the magazines advertising sections all fall and now that i want to make it i cannot find it. it isn't eleanor burns but is kind of log "cabinish". i would appreciate any input. thank you
Hooked on machine quilting
Hi I'm all the way from a very hot South Africa (end Dec). I use an ordinary Pfaff sewing machine and only make quilts Double bed or bigger. Found a site with awesome videos and heaps of quilting designs. As for Lulubelle, try not to stretch your quilt too tightly on the frame, the quilt should be flat on the machine bed and not so tight that it lifts up away from the bed. Caccnn1 you don't have to lower your feed dogs and will still be able to do freemotion quilting.
I have a Gracie Pro frame with a Janome DP1600 long arm machine (well, not that long really, but it's sold as a long arm). It has taken some trial and error, but I've got the hang of it now and am very comfortable with it. Having this set up has changed quilting for me. I love it! I get ideas from machine quilting pattern books, but I do free hand designs. I make some awesome flames.
Old sewer, New quilter
I have been sewing since I was very small but have just gotten into quilting in the last two years. I do most of my quilts with my regular old home sewing machine. I have only quilted one lap quilt by hand. I didn't use a frame, I just set it on a table and quilted it and it came out pretty well. I don't think time, for me, would allow much hand quilting on a large size. Besides most patterns I see I would like to make and hand quilting take too long. I need to get on to new projects. I wonder how active this group is. I am in two quilt groups on another web site which are quite active and fun.
Help Required
I need help with setting up my home machine on a Quilting frame - frames up, quilts set up, the machine, which is great to hand quide quilts on with no issues, but when I try to quilt the pattern while on the frame the tension is all messed up and all the threads are pulling through the bottom. Adjusted the top tension, changed the needle, the thread and the bobbon type... at a total loss with four quilt tops sitting waiting......Any suggestions at all?
Long Arm
I am a quilter of 20 + years. I always quilt my own tops but only do stitch in the ditch. I am afraid to lower the feed dogs!!! I currently have the bug to purchase a long arm. I would love to get some advise on the different models out there. Since I don't seem to be a freehand person, I am interested, I think, in the computerized models. All info would be appreciated.
I have my quilting machine in the garage and have had 4 tops that need quilting but can't seem to make my way out there. It's not bad, there's air conditioning, plenty of light and have all my threads, batting, extra material and kits all on shelves around me, but it's still a garage. Any inspiration?
Machine quilter
Hi all, I am brand new to the group and bought my Statler Stitcher just over a year ago. I had never quilted before, and am hopelessly addicted now. I just have the basics down, and still having trouble with thread tension (top & bottom). Now they have come out with a totally new software and I am about to make the leap to install. Someday (soon, I hope) things will just click and life will be easy. (or at least not so difficult)
Is there anyone still interested in this group?
Hi, I just found this group and thought it would be interesting to discuss everyones thought on threads for quilting and embellishing.
Machine Quilter In the Making
I've done some, but am very interested in your wisdom on machine quilting. I'm still practicing. I'm excited over finding your group!
New at this..
Hi!! As my member name states, I'm new at the quilting thing and..I'm 23 yrs old. I love to sew and have never had the extra cash to buy a machine of my own. I recently got married and mymother-in-law is a quilterin LA. She gave meone of her machines. It's a travel machine. I'venot yet made a quilt, but I love to sew and everything about quilting facinates me. I can't wait to get the patterns and materials my mother-in-law is mailing me so that I can get started. I am SO looking forward to this!!
Machine quilting..
Hi, just found this site, cool! I machine quilt & recently bought a Viking Sapphire 830, which has a 10in bed for quilting! Love it, but haven't done one on it just yet, lol. I really don't have room here for a floor frame, but love the larger bed & machine. I have also been doing larger quilts in sections, then sew the sections together, & that seems to help with the bulk problem. I love doing my quilts totally on my own & not sending them out to be quilted, more money for fabric, right!
Looking for advice on mid to long arm quilting machines
I've been machine quilting on my Viking #1 for several years (with some frustration with the big quilts) and would like to upgrade to a machine with more space. I have a small home with limited space so am not looking to buy a machine that requires a frame - just looking for more space to manuever the mountains of material around the needle. Any advice on what brand of mid-arm to buy that I can use on my existing sewing table?
Mega Quilter
Hi There I'm new to this group and am happy to share what I've learned and more importantly I want to learn more from all the members of this groupl. I have a Mega Quilter and it 'rides' along on my Gracie Quilt Frame. In a week or two I will have a quilt ready to go and I'm contemplating quilting it without a template...any advice???
I'm new - Hi, my name is Karen!
My name is Karen. I live in Arizona. I've been sewing all of my life but started quilting in 2001. I love to quilt and am in the process of setting up a room devoted to it with my mid arm quilting frame, 4 machines and cutting table. I'm also addicted to the art and all aspects of it, especially buying fabric! I still consider myself a beginning quilter though I've tried many types this far. I love reading posts from people with like interests to learn and laugh (at myself mostly) I came across this website and message board by googling "quilting". Thought I'd look for others with the same passion for the craft of quilting!
Hi Machine Quiltiers
Hi I'm a machine quilter using my home machine. I started out doing free motion and "in the ditch" quilting in the late 90's. I've taken a couple of classes in machine quilting from various teachers and now I'm addicted. I love to piece and create the tops but, my passion is quilting it. As I'm putting the top together I'm trying to see the quilting that is going into each section. And, like you, I have tops that have been completed for several years that are waiting for some quilting. I split my time between home and AZ so that means I also work on two different machines. It's always fun to remember the tension settings for each machine. Because they do have their own personalities.


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